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   PS to M/B Convertors
      Connecting Power Supplies to Motherboards



Antron Power Supplies are extremely versatile. These connectors allow them to work with even more motherboards. (Note: Make sure your Power Supply and Mother Board are compatible before buying the convertor)
- 20-pin-to-24-pin / 24-pin-to-20-pin:
Available Convertors:
- 20-pin ATX to 24-pin EPS
- 24-pin EPS to 20-pin ATX

- EPS 24-pin-to-AMD 24-pin + EPS +12V 8-pin:
Available Converters:
- 24-pin EPS to 24-pin for AMD

Supported MotherBoards:
- I-Will DP-400
- Tyan S603
- Tyan S2462, S2466, S2468
- ATX 20-pin-to-20-pin+4-pin(P4)+6-pin(AUX):
Available Convertors:
- 24-pin ATX to
   24-pin ATX + 4-pin (P4) + 6-pin (AUX)

- ATX 4-pin-to-8-pin / 8-pin-to-4-pin:
Available Convertors:
- 4-pin P4 to 8-pin EPS +12V
- 8-pin EPS +12V to 4-pin P4

- ATX 20-pin-to-AT (P8/P9):
Available Convertors:
- 20-pin ATX to P8/P9 AT + Switch

Use ATX PS with Legacy AT Motherboards
- PS 4-pin-to-8-pin EPS +12V:
Available Convertors:
- 2x PS 4-pin Connector to 8-pin EPS +12V

Use ATX PS with EPS Motherboards
- PS 4-pin-to-4-pin P4:
Available Convertors:
- PS 4-pin Connector to 4-pin P4

Use ATX PS with Pentium4 Motherboards
- EPS +12V 8-pin-to-6-pin(AUX) + VGA Pro:
Available Convertors:
- 8-pin EPS +12V to 6-pin AUX +VGA Pro

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