Antron Finds Its Place

Dr. Sing-Chang Hung has been solving problems all his life. This is what he likes to do when he gets up in the morning. Antron Technologies is the current iteration of what he started back in 1987 from his garage in South Plainfield, NJ.

Power Supplies and Power Accessories are far from the flashy innovations that are on display today. But, they embody a simple reality:

None of that matters, if you can’t even turn it on.

This is where Dr. Hung and the Antron Team has found its place. In a world where things move faster, come in smaller packages, and operate with tighter tolerances, having the “right” connectors and power sources is crucial. These are the problems that Dr. Hung enjoys solving.

Antron Technologies started off providing power supplies for PCs and expanded into the complicated infrastructure they demand. Rack-mount Servers and Parallel Computing required Dr. Hung to help develop accessories, cables and connectors for redundancy, stable power distribution and air-flow. Antron continues that to this day.

Everything Needs Power

Today, our services are important to help older technologies stay functional.

Think about it: how old and efficient are the power supplies used for industrial equipment or retro-things like pinball machines. As time moves on, those power supplies start to fail, and we can help provide boards, cables and adapters to allow you to use new technology to power those older items.

Lately, video cards have become super fast and are capable of extending the life of an old computer, but you need to make sure that your power supply has the right connectors to power that new card.  Add to that, your power supply may have the right connectors, but not be able to supply stable power to keep that card stable. This is where Antron can help.

If any of this resonates with you, Contact Us. Let’s see what we can do.